Have a nice day

Have a nice day

Unikia wanted a series of pill cases that didn’t leave the the users feeling stigmatised and avoidant of the entire experience.

‘Have a nice day’ is a series of pill cases that aim to make the everyday routines of people dependent on pills a bit better. With discreet, minimal and clever products, ‘Have a nice day’ is a small family of silent helpers – products that might just give you a small moment of joy when you least expect it.

For many habitual pill-takers, the act often requires putting mind over matter each and every time. Often unsightly, difficult to use and cumbersome, existing products and accessories for pills leave users feeling stigmatised and avoidant of the entire experience.

With hardly anyone attempting to make people feel good about taking necessary medicine, Unikia, a Norwegian product development company teamed up with Designit to develop a series of pill cases that could improve the every day lives for people who have to take pills. From the brief, it was established that rethinking the product experience would require not only creating a new brand and product but also a visual identity and packaging design that would be both user-friendly and appealing.

With a good understanding of what the market was lacking, the ideation phase focused on specifically determining what the range of potential users needed and desired. For someone who takes pills several times a day, what did their daily habits and routines look like? What are the hassles of taking pills on the go? Feedback provided a huge pool of ideas, some feasible, some not. Within five weeks of the kick-off, final concepts of the product design and visual identity were established, firmly rooted in what the users really needed and wanted.

Satisfying a range of users wasn’t the only challenge for the products. Unikia and Designit also aimed to balance the price point of the products with the technical requirements of minimal, simple plastic parts. Every prototype brought the project one a step closer to the desired minimal and superior functionality, from the main features of each product to the small differences in colour, material and finish. The look and feel is premium – the price is kept low.

‘Have a nice day’ takes the user seriously, not only on a functional level but also on an emotional level. We sought to create non-stigmatising products.

Adding an element of positivity in the product experience helps remove the negative feelings often associated with illness and medication.

The brand and visual identity expressed on the packaging is honest, simple and full of vitality. It is all about giving the user one less thing to worry about and bringing them one step closer to having a nice day. Designit and Unikia wanted to show what these products are about from the very first touch-point with customers. Therefore the retail experience and packaging were given thorough attention.

A new silent helper

The three ‘Have a nice day’ products: Hike, Day and Week are all unique in form and function within the pill case category. With their discreet look and careful attention to details, the ‘Have a nice day’ family of products deliver new values and a positive, effortless user experience to a category that has long been neglected.