Tucker Mips Time-Trial Helmet

When every second counts and every watt saved could mean the difference between winning and finishing off the podium: The Tucker helmet should be your weapon of choice.

Tucker was born to be the final piece of the puzzle in Sweet Protection’s road helmet lineup. We held nothing back with the design and development of this, and went early to the wind tunnel with a prototype to confirm that our aerodynamic concept was sound.

The philosophy with the design of the Tucker is a minimal frontal area, even decreased by the carbon fibre enable NACA duct ventilation channel on the top of the helmet. This allows a portion of air to flow through the helmet instead of over it, decreasing drag and increasing ventilation.

The shrink-wrapped body of the helmet is finished off abruptly at the trailing end to release the air and minimise drag. All confirmed with the wind tunnel testing that the helmet indeed provides world-class performance.

Tucker also features a visor that snaps on by the use of magnets keeping all outer surfaces smooth. When not worn the visor can be stored on top of the helmet.

Pro-conti team Uno-X Development Team started using the Tucker in the fall of 2019, and will be putting it to the test in the years to come.