Tucker Mips Time-Trial Helmet

When every second counts and every watt saved could mean the difference between winning and finishing off the podium: The Tucker helmet should be your weapon of choice.

Tucker was born to be the final piece of the puzzle in Sweet Protection’s road helmet lineup. We held nothing back with the design and development of this, and went early to the wind tunnel with a prototype to confirm that our aerodynamic concept was sound.

The philosophy with the design of the Tucker is a minimal frontal area, even decreased by the carbon fibre enable NACA duct ventilation channel on the top of the helmet. This allows a portion of air to flow through the helmet instead of over it, decreasing drag and increasing ventilation.

The shrink-wrapped body of the helmet is finished off abruptly at the trailing end to release the air and minimise drag. All confirmed with the wind tunnel testing that the helmet indeed provides world-class performance.

Tucker also features a visor that snaps on by the use of magnets keeping all outer surfaces smooth. When not worn the visor can be stored on top of the helmet.

Pro-conti team Uno-X Development Team started using the Tucker in the fall of 2019, and will be putting it to the test in the years to come.



Heat Sunglasses

Heat is the first pair of sunglasses coming out of Sweet Protection and is designed to evolve the design language of the brand into a new category.

Striking the perfect balance between sport and fashion, the Heat shades thrives equally well in the high alpine aswell as the coffee bar down town.

A timeless design with a unisex size and sleek temples that fit neatly under helmets, these shades can follow you anywhere.

A solid high quality frame with subtle detailing and a distinct silhouette is packed with Sweet Protection DNA and creates a modern and sporty look.



Switcher ski helmet

The Switcher helmet is a groundbreaking and versatile all-mountain helmet that was launched to the marked AW1819.

With 22 one-hand-adjustable vents, no day will be too hot or too cold.

Sweet Protection’s Advanced Hybrid Construction combines in-mold and hard shell technology to provide low weight and extra reinforcement in critical areas. A performance interior with a magnetic chin buckle makes it easy to fasten, even wearing mitten or gloves.

The Swticher helmet follows the design mantra of Sweet Protection that is “Strong. Lighter. Better”. It’s designed from the ground up to provide all day performance and comfort.


The Switcher helmet was an immediate success for Sweet Protection and has become one of the most important products in the lineup.




A new brand for

Designit was asked to help Komplett Group with their own-brands and products. We created the own-brand strategy and iiglo was one of the new brands born.

We did naming, strategy and visual identity for iiglo™ – a friendly, simple and helpful brand, offering a wide range of everyday-products.

See all the current iiglo™ products at



Ascender Ski-Mountaineering Helmet

The Ascender helmet is a light, and extremely packable helmet developed for ski-mountaineering.

Ascender ski-mountaineering helmet

The helmet is designed to be used up and down the mountains. It is certified for both alpine skiing and mountaineering, and is the only helmet to have both certification while also offering proper ventilation through the top of the helmet.

Developed in collaboration with some of Norway’s finest mountain guides and rescue people. The result is a truly innovative and groundbreaking product designed for those venturing deep into the mountains.

Learn more about how we developed the Ascender helmet in the tech-talk below.


Have a nice day

Have a nice day

Unikia wanted a series of pill cases that didn’t leave the the users feeling stigmatised and avoidant of the entire experience.

‘Have a nice day’ is a series of pill cases that aim to make the everyday routines of people dependent on pills a bit better. With discreet, minimal and clever products, ‘Have a nice day’ is a small family of silent helpers – products that might just give you a small moment of joy when you least expect it.

For many habitual pill-takers, the act often requires putting mind over matter each and every time. Often unsightly, difficult to use and cumbersome, existing products and accessories for pills leave users feeling stigmatised and avoidant of the entire experience.

With hardly anyone attempting to make people feel good about taking necessary medicine, Unikia, a Norwegian product development company teamed up with Designit to develop a series of pill cases that could improve the every day lives for people who have to take pills. From the brief, it was established that rethinking the product experience would require not only creating a new brand and product but also a visual identity and packaging design that would be both user-friendly and appealing.

With a good understanding of what the market was lacking, the ideation phase focused on specifically determining what the range of potential users needed and desired. For someone who takes pills several times a day, what did their daily habits and routines look like? What are the hassles of taking pills on the go? Feedback provided a huge pool of ideas, some feasible, some not. Within five weeks of the kick-off, final concepts of the product design and visual identity were established, firmly rooted in what the users really needed and wanted.

Satisfying a range of users wasn’t the only challenge for the products. Unikia and Designit also aimed to balance the price point of the products with the technical requirements of minimal, simple plastic parts. Every prototype brought the project one a step closer to the desired minimal and superior functionality, from the main features of each product to the small differences in colour, material and finish. The look and feel is premium – the price is kept low.

‘Have a nice day’ takes the user seriously, not only on a functional level but also on an emotional level. We sought to create non-stigmatising products.

Adding an element of positivity in the product experience helps remove the negative feelings often associated with illness and medication.

The brand and visual identity expressed on the packaging is honest, simple and full of vitality. It is all about giving the user one less thing to worry about and bringing them one step closer to having a nice day. Designit and Unikia wanted to show what these products are about from the very first touch-point with customers. Therefore the retail experience and packaging were given thorough attention.

A new silent helper

The three ‘Have a nice day’ products: Hike, Day and Week are all unique in form and function within the pill case category. With their discreet look and careful attention to details, the ‘Have a nice day’ family of products deliver new values and a positive, effortless user experience to a category that has long been neglected.


Falconer Aero

Falconer Aero Road Cycling Helmet

The Falconer Aero Helmet is a top-of-the-line helmet for fast-paced cycling. With an aerodynamic geometry developed to also provide great ventilation, the result is a quicker and more comfortable ride. The helmet comes equipped with additional Aerocovers™ to lower the aerodynamic drag even further.

The 4-Piece Shell construction utilises a variable polycarbonate outer shell thickness and geometrical shapes to optimise the protection performance. A shock absorbing liner offers crack resistance and impressive low temperature resistance. The soft and comfortable foam-wrapped pads are anti-allergenic and provide exceptional moisture wicking capabilities. A firm and comfortable fit is provided through the Occigrip Turn-Dial, which is adjustable in both reach and height.

Shell Technology

The unique four-piece in-mould shell structure utilises variable polycabonate outershell thicknesses and geometrical shapes to optimise the protection performance.

Impact Absorption

The Shock Absorbing Liner provides great low volume shock absorption. The liner offers high memory, low temperature toughness and crack resistance, providing great protection for low speed impacts. The in-mould construction is a technique that directly fuses the shock absorbing liner with the polycarbonate and carbon shells to create a lightweight and strong structure.

All photos: Sweet Protection and from the collaboration with Pas Normal Studios.